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SBC Consultancy Group

The Shared Business Center is an extension of your organization. Through our full service sales and marketing program you can reach the desired target groups, but without the high costs and long time to market times. Some products or services do not lend themselves to the usual sales and marketing strategies. Within the heavier categories, a personal and high-end approach is often required. The Shared Business Center accompanies its partners with "SBC Consultancy" in finding the right buyer (s).  



  • Prospects and suspects become your customers through unique cross-sell opportunities;
  • Low optional costs for Field Marketing, Field Sales and Lead Generation tools;
  • Using external marketing and sales expertise;
  • Unique (target) propositions on the market;
  • Strong cost reduction in your internal organization.


Our primary target groups are:
  • Freelancers ;
  • Companies;
  • Accountant offices;
  • Branch- and umbrella organizations.
Over ons


The founders within the SBC already have their existing networks in the main target groups. They want to expand this with a broader range of products and services

About us: A specialist with a clear strategy

With our years of experience and specialist knowledge, we are unique in the market. We combine an efficient business process, customer focus and customization into a whole. We have chosen not to do everything, but to have a clear focus on what we can do well.

Our primary objectives are:

  • Growing together;
  • Brand strategy;
  • Strengthen the overall proposition;
  • Increase operating result.

Our customers and partners